Cigarette mIDDLE EAST & Europe


Cigarette racing effortlessly combines heritage, craftsmanship, performance and luxury.

About Cigarette

The very name, “Cigarette,” evokes a feeling—an energy that even those who have never felt the thrill of an open-water Cigarette ride can sense.

It is bespoke, exclusive, fast and glamorous. It has style, panache and awakens the “ride on the wild side”. It has lure, mystery and excitement. It is notorious for recognizable designs, performance, luxury, premium quality and has been uniquely hand-crafted for over 50 years. The Cigarette Racing Team has built its reputation, not on smoke and mirrors, but on a racing and pleasure-boating heritage, which stands for the finest powerboat in the world.

Cigarette Middle East


Indigo Icon Tower - Office 508
Cluster F - Jumeirah Lakes Towers
P.O. Box 29717 - Dubai - UAE

Cigarette Europe


9, Avenue JF Kennedy,
Le Castellara
Monte Carlo - Monaco

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